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CEU introduces a new Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) from 1 August 2010. The aim of this project is to replace CEU's outdated management infrastructure with the latest collaborative software offered by SAP, a leading provider of integrated applications. The overall objective of the new system is to increase the efficiency and transparency of university operations by installing application supported solutions for procurement of goods and services, reporting, budgeting, accounting, or management tasks that are often done manually at the present.
CEU collaborates with S&T, a leading provider in IT consulting, in introducing this new system. The CEU project team is comprised by approx. 20 people and is headed by Liviu Matei, COO, and Mark Kiss, CFO; Integration Managers: Gabriella Beni, Chief Accountant and Zsuzsanna Weisz, Procurement Office; Peter Kriston-Vizi, Technology Manager; and Change Manager Robert Sata, POLSCI Coordinator.
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